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Electrotherapy is the use of electrical energy as a medical treatment. It includes stimulation / fasciculation of muscles and nerves.

Electrotherapy uses electrical signals to interfere with the transmission of neural pain signals into the brain. It effectively slows down or distracts the message from the nerve to the brain.

A physiotherapist point of view, affecting one’s ‘Pain Gate’, whether in an acute or chronic pain episode, is crucial area of treatment and electrotherapy is a very useful resource where conventional medicines are not as affective.

Electrotherapy can also involve the use of this electric stimulation to speed tissue healing where tissue damage has also occurred.

How Does It Work?

An electrical device delivers electrical impulses/ stimulation across the skin. A machine which looks in above image having different type of stimulation (e.g. IFT , TENS, NMES, WES, Russian current……) this can be having wired applicator. This device is connected by wires to sticky/carbon pad electrodes, which are placed on the skin in or around area of the pain. This allows a small, low-intensity electric stimulus to be passed across the area.

Use of Stimulating Soft Tissue Healing & Repair

In acute conditions, shorter treatment time of 5-10 minutes may be sufficient to achieve the effect. In other circumstances, it may be necessary to stimulate the tissues for 20-30 minutes. It is suggested that short treatment time are initially adopted especially with the acute case.

Electrotherapy is used as an adjunct to kinesiology (Exercise therapy, manual therapy) physiotherapy treatments. We physiotherapists can give guidance on the correct modality (Machine) for use depending on your condition. We physiotherapists will recommend the use of Electrotherapy in the provision of your treatment.

If you would like to book an appointment , please contact us today! Not all patients will need to get Electrotherapy and this will be advised by the only physiotherapist during the initial consultation.