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What is Interferential therapy (IFT)?

IFT (Interferential Therapy) treatment is given through an interferential therapy machine. Where there is transcutaneous application of alternating two medium frequency electrical currents, amplitude modulated at low frequency produce a low frequency effect for therapeutic purpose to give soothing and pain-relieving effect on the body part where it is applied.

Indication of interferential therapy /when to use interferential therapy?

Muscle stimulation

• Increase blood circulation

• Edema redirection

• Bronchodilation

• Pain relief anaesthetic effect by stimulating the release of endorphins and blocking the transmission of pain impulses (Pain gate mechanism)

• Ischemic pain

• Cold induced pain

• Thermal quantitative sensor testing

• Mechanical pain

• Blood flow cell activity


DOMS – Delayed onset of muscles soreness

Neck Pain

Chronic Low back Pain (More than 3 months)



Low back pain

Muscular pain

How many Types of Interferential therapy?




How Is Interferential therapy Perform?

Physiotherapist will select your indicated diagnosis by physiotherapist, According choose a treatment area (body part) to treat for a duration of eight to twenty minutes. A sonography/ECG gel is applied on four electrodes or to your skin, which helps the IFT/IFC stimulation evenly penetrate the body tissue. During your IFT/IFC treatment physiotherapist will increase intensity to avoid adaption to stimulation.

Will I Feel Anything during interferential therapy?

Some patients may feel a tingling, Prickling type sensation on skin. Don’t be surprised, however, if you feel nothing at all or feel it slightly; it is because of pain sensation that you might feel less current or sometimes no prickling sensation. IFT, however, should not be painful.

What is an interferential therapy Dose?

A typical IFT/IFC treatment will take from ten to twenty minutes, which depends on condition or problem of patient which will be decided by Physical therapist.

How does an interferential therapy Work?

Analgesic effect

The pain gate theory

Descending pain suppression

Psychological block of nerve conduction

Neural effects

Is interferential therapy Safe?

Yes it is completely safe

If you have any specific diagnosed condition [please consult physiotherapist for same for taking precautions while applying IFT/IFC]


General malaise