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Fall Prevention

What is a falls prevention programme?

As people get older it is inevitable that they will be at a greater falls. This is very true for individuals who have various orthopedic and neurological conditions. Falls are the major cause of injury with people over the age of sixty five and we specialist physiotherapists believe that it is important to minimise the risk of falls as much as possible by designing an individualised falls prevention programme.

What are the benefits of falls prevention programme?

The falls prevention programme consists of ten home-based sessions over a five-month period. During this time your physiotherapists will work with you to achieve the following benefits:

• Greater muscle strength

Balance re-training

• Improved reaction time

• Walking re-education

• Increased flexibility

• Improved confidence

• Reduced fear of falls

• Improved independence

• Greater ability to carry out activities of daily living

Who will benefit from?

People are usually at a higher risk of falls over the age of sixty five although in some cases it may vary. We physiotherapists commonly design fall prevention programmes for people who:

• Have low confidence when mobilising

• Have a fear of falling

• Have a history of falls

• Would like to increase their independence

• Would like to improve their general health and fitness

• Would like to improve their quality of life and well-being

• Are interested in improving their mobility

What does the fall prevention programme include?

Your physiotherapists will design a personalised falls prevention programme to suit your needs and goals. The programme will include:

• A full initial assessment

• A home safety assessment

• Teaching of strengthening exercises

• Teaching of balance exercises

• Walking re-training

• Ankle cuff weights to keep during the programme

• A progress diary to be kept throughout the programme

• Further advice for caretakers and training for caretakers and/or family members

• Progression of exercises.

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