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Continues Passive motion (CPM)

What is continues passive motion (CPM)?

Continues passive motion is movement in slow and rhythmical manner for joint with manual or mechanical without harming joint gaining movement.

How does CPM help?

The CPM goal is Phase ‘I’ rehabilitation which are:

- Control post-operative pain,

- Reduce inflammation,

- Provide passive motion in a specific plane of movement, and

- Protect the healing repair or tissue.

CPM is carried out by a CPM device, which constantly moves the joint through a controlled range of motion; the exact range is dependent upon the joint, but in most cases the range of motion is increased over time.

CPM helps mainly in Phase ‘I’ rehabilitation where it helps to move synovial fluid which gives lubrication to joint to move it smoothly, in which it provides nutrition to articular cartilage and removes waste from joint, also rehydrate with nutrition to articular cartilage.

Who can benefit Continues passive motion / Indication of CPM:-

• Pain Reduction

• Joint Stiffness

• Post surgeries

• Joint replacement

• Joint debridement surgeries

• Edema reduction

• Arthritis

• Ligament Surgeries (e.g. ACL,PCL,MCL..)